What is NBTAPAC?

NBTAPAC is GBTA’s political action committee. It enables GBTA’s advocacy team to raise money to support political candidates for federal office who know and understand – and support – the issues of business travelers. 

Whether or not you are politically “active”, there is no better way to support the candidates and the issues that impact your company’s travel needs. Your contribution, combined with the donations from your GBTA colleagues from across the U.S., will help ensure that GBTA has the power to back those members of Congress who show leadership and commitment to the business travel community’s issues. So let your voice be heard! 

Donations may be made by NVBTA MEMBERS ONLY. By clicking the link below you are certifying that you are a member in good standing in the NVBTA.  To make a contribution, click here.  A special thank you to those who have already generously donated.

Additional questions?  Click one of the links below for answers!
Role of members in NBTAPAC
Q&A on an NBTA Political Action Committee
Political Action Committee Overview and Guidance

Please consider sending a note to your Senators and Representatives and tell them to stand up for the traveler and enact common sense aviation security reforms that will maintain security, increase efficiency and reduce the hassles for U.S. travelers. Tell Congress to implement the Trusted Traveler Program.

Click here to send the message directly to your Senators and Representatives

As travelers ourselves and those responsible for thousands of travelers, we know that travel must be safe but it must also be efficient. Let us be clear, safety is a priority. But it’s time to do away with the one size fits all approach and implement change that allows for travel that is both safe and efficient.


The Annual Chapter Challenge is ON!

GBTA is challenging its 40 Chapters to engage their elected officials.
Chapters meeting these 5 tasks will be recognized as Partners
Challenge runs Convention to Convention

  • 30% of membership sends a communication to one of their elected officials through the Legislative Action Center
  • Invite an elected official to speak at a chapter meeting or host an GBTA government relations focused meeting
  • Chapter sends a letter to its U.S. Representative or Senator endorsing an GBTA endorsed bill or vote
  • Chapter appoints a liaison to the GBTA Govt. Relations Dept.
  • Raise $1,000 in PAC contributions regardless of chapter size, must have 30% of members contribute

Chapters who meet each task will be recognized as Chapter Challenge Partners

  • Chapter Challenge Partners will be divided into three groups based on membership
  • The chapter in each division that raises the most money above the $1,000 level will be the WINNER
  • Winners will have a reserved table for this year's GBTA Convention General Sessions