Educational Presentations

The current situation has impacted the way we meet and do business.  During this pivotal time NVBTA's commitment to bringing you meaningful resources has grown stronger.  Earlier this year we brought you our complimentary Webinar Bytes, a series of 30-minute conversations between Mark Williams, Managing Partner at Nina & Pinta, and industry leaders sharing their perspective and strategies with us.  Please feel free to review the following links to watch the presentations - they are brief, informative and relevant.

1.  Traveler Risk Intelligence; What's Next?:   Bruce McIndoe, Founder & Former President at WorldAware, joined us on May 5 and shared an informative update about the future of Traveler Risk Intelligence.   Watch it here

2.  UATP - Understanding Your Payment Options: During our May 12 conversation, Wendy Ward, SVP of Marketing and Communications at UATP, and Zach Ornelas, VP Global Network Sales at UATP, shared valuable information to help us understand payment options available during and after recovery from COVID-19.  Watch it here  (please note the presentation begins on second 39)

3.  The New Airline Experience; A Discussion with JetBlue:   On May 19, Robbie Mehoke, Director of Sales at JetBlue, talked to us about how airline travel may look in the near future.  Watch it here

4. The New Meeting Paradigm:  During our June 2 chat, Rachel Andrews, Director of Meetings and Events at Cvent and Joe Margraf, Director of Meeting and Events at Omega World Travel provided us with insightful information about how the meeting industry is evolving.  Watch it here

5. The New Car Rental Experience:  Listen to our June 17 conversation with Sean Ryan, Business Rental Sales Director at Enterprise Holdings.  He presented insightful and current information about the new car rental experience is evolving.  Watch it here

6.  Innovation From a Crisis:   On June 23, David Grace, Chief Revenue Office at Deem, shared his thoughts on how the recent crisis has forced many of us to re-evaluate our business and travel programs.  David talked about how you can apply innovative strategies to your travel program to keep your travelers safe, to save your company money and to make your job more effective.  Watch it here

7.  It's Not Business as Usual; A Conversation With Accor Hotels:   During our June 30 meeting, Susan Shaid, Business Travel Global Accounts Director with Accor Hotels, shared her insider view on the current hotel industry landscape and helped us understand the new features buyers and travelers can expect from the hospitality industry.  Watch it here

8.  The New Airport Experience; A Conversation With MWAA:  Our July 14 meeting featured Scott Cooper, Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority's Director of Airlines Business Development.  Scott to us about how we can help inform and prepare our travelers as they return to travel.  Watch it here

9.  TSA Update; What You Need to Know:  TSA's Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein joined us on August 4 to provide us with valuable information about updated TSA procedures.  What it here.   During the Webinar Bytes, Ms. Farbstein shared TSA's Website section with updated tips to travelers in the current enviroment.

10. Now is The Time to Hop on Amtrak:  During our August 11 conversation Kecia Babb-Jordan, Amtrak's Sales Director, presented tips and details to help you prepare and reassure your travelers as they return to train travel.  Watch it here  (Please note the presentation begins after 19 seconds)

11.  How American is Caring for Travelers:  On August 17, Richi Reichard, AA's Regional Sales Director, was excited to share insights into AA's scheduling strategy, middle seat availability and their progress on deploying NDC!  Watch it here

We are grateful to all our attendees for allowing us to connect with you during this time.  Our Webinar Bytes Series was successful because our or knowledgeable speakers and engaging moderator, Mark Williams from Nina and Pinta.  A big thank you for all their help and support.

Stay tuned for more updates!